CONFIRMING THE BOOKING We give a preliminary confirmation of the booking either on the phone, by fax, or by e-mail.As a written confirmation, we send an invoice to the address provided by the booker. The payment is the final confirmation.  BOOKING AND PAYMENT The booking is considered confirmed once the customer has paid the advance payment (20% of the total price) by the due date.  The final payment must take place two weeks before the stay. If the booking takes place later than four weeks before the stay, the payment must be made at once.  CANCELLATIONS We wish to be informed about a cancellation as soon as possible. If the booking is cancelled, the advance payment is charged. If the cancellation takes place later than 30 days before the intended stay, the total sum of the rent is charged.  If the cancellation is due to an unexpected illness or similar reason (medical certificate must be presented), the rent is reimbursed with the exception of the advance payment.  If the cancellation takes place during the stay, the customer is not reimbursed for the rent.  CANCELLATION ON OUR PART We reserve the right to cancel a booking in case of a force majeure. In this case, the customer will be reimbursed for the total sum of the rent.  KEYS The cottage is equipped with a code lock. Once we have received the total payment on our bank account, we will give you the code number (4 digits) over the telephone (+358 50 5258 457). STAYING IN THE RESORT  Priikoolinnokka, Finland The resort is situated on a 3.000 m2 beachfront plot with a 80 m2 cottage and a 20 m2 beach cottage. The rent includes the cabin (or cabins if the use of the beach cabin has been agreed upon) and its equipment(dishes, electricity, firewood, boat, cleaning equipment, mattresses, covers, pillows, and VAT).  There is always enough toilet paper for a few days.  The resort can be used from 4p.m. on the day of the arrival to noon on the day of departure.On weekend bookings, the arrival time is Friday evening and departure on Sunday evening. The rent does not include linen, towels, or cleaning. Bed linen and towels can be rented separately. If the apartment has not been cleaned when the rent period is over, we will charge a cleaning fee of EUR 150.  AMOUNT OF PEOPLE It is not allowed for more people to stay overnight than there are beds in the cottage/apartment. The use of a tent or caravan on the premises is not allowed without the express permission from the owner. Bringing pets to the cottage/apartment must be separately agreed upon. Security deposit When the rental period begins, the owner of the cottage reserves the right to claim a maximum of EUR 250 e as a security deposit in case of any accidents or neglect on the renter’s side. If the rented cabin has been cleaned, the keys have been returned, and the cottage is in expected condition, the owner of the cottage returns the security deposit to the renter when the stay is over. The owner of the cottage may withhold a part of the security deposit or the entire sum if the above mentioned commitments have not been held.  COMPENSATION OF DAMAGES  The customer is liable to compensate any damages they have inflicted on the cottage or apartment or its contents.

+358(0)505258457 / Tapio Rautaneva /telephone service also in english